If you thought personal stylists were only for the rich and famous, you thought wrong. Nadia Hartzer is an Zurich-based personal stylist who makes it easy and affordable to hire your own personal stylist online. Yes – you can hire an experienced stylist from anywhere in the world! Whether you want a completely new look or to get some fresh new style ideas, we’re here to help you – and you don’t need to dedicate more time than you have to personal style appointments.


Nadia offers personalized services that revolve around you, analysing your inspirations to create the perfect seasonal wardrobe. You’ll never have to worry about that “I have nothing to wear” panic-mode ever again. You’ll always have a ready-to-go outfit that works for you!


What’s included?

The journey starts with a 30-minute consultation – FREE of charge. This is our chance to get to know one another a little better. Most importantly, we can establish whether or not Nadia’s services are for you. If you do want to go forth, our consultations will unfold via email or video call. It’s your choice! Nadia looks forward to working on your stunning seasonal wardrobe, delivering a full shopping list with links and all.

Let’s get started!