How do you pack for a holiday? You get two kinds of women here, those who shove clothes into their bag and hope something matches, and those who pull their hair out trying to find space for all their matching accessories and shoes. You do get a third type of woman, and that’s Nadia – your new personal stylist who knows how to pack like a pro, stress-free.

Once you book your holiday packing guide session with Nadia, you’ll receive a comprehensive guide on how to pack and dress easily and beautifully on holiday. She’ll show you how to pack less, without wearing the same thing twice. It’s the closest thing to magic you’ll find!

Call Nadia today to get started.

Whether you’re going on honeymoon or just need a well-deserved break, Nadia is ready to take the stress out of holiday packing – once and for all.

How it Works

Ready to stop worrying about what to wear?

Nadia Hartzer is here to prove that every woman can access a personal stylist. She’s ready to help you find the perfect look, no matter the occasion, in just 6 simple steps. Nadia prides herself on using her sharp eye for style to deliver personalized services you won’t find anywhere else. Seeing as Nadia is online, you can have everyday access to your personal stylist anytime, from anywhere in the world. Ready to get started? Here’s how it works.


  1. FREE Consultation.

Schedule your first half-hour session with Nadia, for free.


  1. Getting to Know You.

It’s time for Nadia to get to know you, your body, and your needs a little better.


  1. Your Customized Style Package

With the valuable information she’s collected, Nadia can get to work building your dream wardrobe.


  1. The Guide

You’ll walk away with a meticulously engineered seasonable wardrobe guide – plus shopping links.


  1. Responsible Closet Cleanse

Time to clean out your closet? Let Nadia help!


  1. Own Your New Personal Style

Once you’ve transformed your wardrobe, you’ll have 100+ outfits planned in advance. No more “I have nothing to wear” stress!