About Nadia

About Nadia

Our services are geared towards all shapes, sizes, genders and ages

I love the look in a woman’s eyes when she knows she looks good. She walks with confidence and carries herself with a self-assured presence that puts others at ease and allows her to be fully present in the moment. It is much more than the clothes we wear, but I've found that to be a great starting place.

Nadia studied personal styling at the School of Style in New York and also completed a diploma in visual merchandising.

Nadia has created many general capsule guides for clients and has helped many clients privately to improve their wardrobes .

She is a visionary and a diligent stylist with several years of experience in the fashion & luxury industry. This has armed her with an eye for classic fashion.

Over the years, she has developed a precise understanding of the suitability and unsuitability of various fashion styles in accordance with client preferences.

Moreover, she attained hands-on experience in style consultations, revamping clients’ wardrobes and providing customised personal styling advice.

Nadia ‘s creative vision and eye for detail are necessary attributes in the fashion retail industry bringing a unique air and hard skills such as sketching ability and communication skills to my role as a Personal Stylist.

We feel confident that we can bring an excellent backdrop of professionalism to the table,


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Because Style Matters

Discovering your personal style can transform the way you feel about yourself. Look your best to feel your best. That’s why it’s worth it.


Happy Clients

How awesome is it to have a stylist EVERYDAY!  No one has one but I am lucky to have one every day in a “capsule”! I have been using the Wardrobe Capsule by Nadia and I look great every day. Not just that I am confident in what I’m wearing and get so many compliments about my style.  I can’t wait for the next version


Loved the CAPSULE guide. It made me realize that I don’t need a lot of clothes to be well dressed, so it initiated a major clean-out. It has also made me pay more attention to quality and see my clothes as an investment. I am very grateful for the inspiration and the results!


Nadia compiled a wonderful pregnancy capsule wardrobe during my third pregnancy last year. It was very practical and comprehensive, complete with accessories, and how to adapt for cooler and warmer weather. I did not have to buy a lot of new items to look and feel stylish during this period that I usually find difficult to dress. With this capsule I could easily throw together an outfit that suited my busy mom lifestyle and still walk out the house feeling put together and stylish.